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Kenner Darth Vader TIE Fighter

Kenner Darth Vader TIE fighter


Dramatic replica of the spaceship used by the Empire’s invincible lord, DARTH VADER. The DARTH VADER TIE FIGHTER comes in evil grey color. The distinctive Solar Panels pop off at the push of a button to simulate “Battle Damage.” A lever raises the cockpit seat. Cockpit can accomodate DARTH VADER or most of theSTAR WARS Action Figures. For added play excitement, a dramatic red “laser” cannon lights up and emits a “whining” laser sound when rear deck button is pushed. Two “AA” batteries and Action Figures not included. Ages 4 and up.

Loose image with action figures, original release box with all 4 side panels and re-issue box with “Collector Series” marked on box.


dvtie-catalog dvtie-front dvtie-side1 dvtie-side2 dvtie-side3dvtie-cs



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