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Kenner Vintage 1,000 Piece Puzzles

Kenner Vintage 1,000 Piece Puzzles

Kenner’s puzzles were some of the very first items to hit store shelves in 1977, before any of the action figures and toys were available.

I love to put these together and frame them for my wall.


swpuz-01 swpuz-15

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  1. Anonymous

    Bro I have the same thing

  2. Tod Preece

    I’m currently putting together all the 1977 Star Wars puzzles I can find and I’m interested in the 1,000 piece Star Wars Adventure. Is there any way I can get a pic of the completed puzzle, and any idea where I can purchase one with all pieces? I’m also excited about the 1,500 piece puzzles! I’d like to put them all together. I was 7 when all these came out but had no idea about the 1,000 & 1,500 pieces. Thank you and I really like this site. You can reply by email if you’d like.


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