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Kenner Millennium Falcon Box Variations

Kenner Millennium Falcon spaceship

Use with mini-figures (not incl.). Battle alert sound, landing gear folds up. Cockpit canopy opens. Entrance ramp folds down. Radar dish swivels 360 degrees. Rear deck area lifts off to expose laser gun with seat that swivels 360 degrees and “clicks.” Game table. Secret floor panel. Remote force ball for Light Saber practice. 17x6x23 in. Plastic. Ages 5 yrs and up.

The most popular spaceship from the Star Wars line

Below we see various boxed versions: Star Wars version, The Empire Strikes Back regular version, The Empire Strikes Back scene version and the Return of the Jedi scene version boxed,


falcon-catalog falcon-sw




falcon-esb1 falcon-esb-front falcon-rotj

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