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Kenner X-Wing Fighter

Kenner X-Wing fighter

Dramatic reproduction of STAR WARS X-WING rebel spacecraft used to fly LUKE  to YODA’S planet of DAGOBAH. Wings open to “X” position by pushing down on simulatedR2-D2 behind cockpit. Second button returns wings to original flight position. Cockpit flips open to seat most STAR WARS Action Figures. Front landing skid locks up in place during flight, and for real excitement, third rear deck button operates laser sound and flashing laser cannon in spacecraft nose. Two “AA” batteries and Action Figure not included. Ages 5 and up.

Boxed versions: Star Wars, Empire and Empire Scene version boxed.


xwing-catalog xwing-swxwing-esb-side3


xwing-esb2 (1) xwing-esb-front

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