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Kenner Darth Vader TIE Fighter

Kenner Darth Vader TIE fighter


Dramatic replica of the spaceship used by the Empire’s invincible lord, DARTH VADER. The DARTH VADER TIE FIGHTER comes in evil grey color. The distinctive Solar Panels pop off at the push of a button to simulate “Battle Damage.” A lever raises the cockpit seat. Cockpit can accomodate DARTH VADER or most of theSTAR WARS Action Figures. For added play excitement, a dramatic red “laser” cannon lights up and emits a “whining” laser sound when rear deck button is pushed. Two “AA” batteries and Action Figures not included. Ages 4 and up.

Loose image with action figures, original release box with all 4 side panels and re-issue box with “Collector Series” marked on box.


dvtie-catalog dvtie-front dvtie-side1 dvtie-side2 dvtie-side3dvtie-cs




Kenner TIE fighter

Kenner TIE fighter


Authentically detailed TIE FIGHTER has a large “Solar Panel” on either side of a spherical cockpit. Special buttons release panels to simulate “Battle Damage” action. Hand-operated lever raises seat and escape hatch to allow child to seat most of the STAR WARSaction figures. For added play excitement, a dramatic red laser cannon lights up and emits a “whining” laser sound when rear deck button is pushed. Two “AA” batteries and action figure not included. Ages 5 and up.

Star Wars boxed version with all sides.

The Empire Strikes Back boxed version


tie-catalog tie-front tie-side1 tie-side2 tie-side3 tie-side4


Kenner X-Wing Fighter

Kenner X-Wing fighter

Dramatic reproduction of STAR WARS X-WING rebel spacecraft used to fly LUKE  to YODA’S planet of DAGOBAH. Wings open to “X” position by pushing down on simulatedR2-D2 behind cockpit. Second button returns wings to original flight position. Cockpit flips open to seat most STAR WARS Action Figures. Front landing skid locks up in place during flight, and for real excitement, third rear deck button operates laser sound and flashing laser cannon in spacecraft nose. Two “AA” batteries and Action Figure not included. Ages 5 and up.

Boxed versions: Star Wars, Empire and Empire Scene version boxed.


xwing-catalog xwing-swxwing-esb-side3


xwing-esb2 (1) xwing-esb-front

Kenner Millennium Falcon Box Variations

Kenner Millennium Falcon spaceship

Use with mini-figures (not incl.). Battle alert sound, landing gear folds up. Cockpit canopy opens. Entrance ramp folds down. Radar dish swivels 360 degrees. Rear deck area lifts off to expose laser gun with seat that swivels 360 degrees and “clicks.” Game table. Secret floor panel. Remote force ball for Light Saber practice. 17x6x23 in. Plastic. Ages 5 yrs and up.

The most popular spaceship from the Star Wars line

Below we see various boxed versions: Star Wars version, The Empire Strikes Back regular version, The Empire Strikes Back scene version and the Return of the Jedi scene version boxed,


falcon-catalog falcon-sw




falcon-esb1 falcon-esb-front falcon-rotj

Kenner Death Star Space Station

Kenner Death Star Space Station

HOW IT WORKS. Manual elevator takes figures to any of four floors. Top floor features laser cannon which emits clicking sound as it swivels into action. Push button explodes cannon from housing simulating a “hit.” Third floor has manual light bridge which opens and closes. Second floor features control console and escape hatch to garbage compactor with simulated garbage and reptile monster found on first floor. For children ages 5 years and up.

The best playset Kenner released for the Star Wars line



deathstar-box1 deathstar-box2 deathstar-box3 deathstar-box4