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2015 Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

2015 Hallmark Christmas Ornament

1. Star Wars: A New Hope C-3PO and R2-D2 $17.95

2. Star Wars: A New Hope Y-Wing Fighter with sounds and dialogue $29.95

3. Admiral Ackbar Limited Edition $14.95

4. Holiday Darth Vader $19.95

5. U-3PO and R5-D4 NYCC Exclusive

6. Star Wars Rebels Zeb Orrelios $14.95

7. Ralph McQuarrie Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Star Wars Celebration Exclusive

8. The Empire Strikes Back There Is No Try Yoda and Luke Skywalker with sounds and dialogue $32.95


2015 a new hope c-3po r2-d2 2015 a new hope y-wing with sounds dialogue 2015 admiral ackbar limited edition 2015 holiday darth vader 2015 NYCC U-3PO and R5-D4 2015 rebels eb orrelios 2015 sw celebration exclusive 2015 there is no try yoda luke with sounds dialogue

Kenner Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

Kenner Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

The mysterious Jawas ride this combination tank and scrapyard across the Tatooine desert, selling (and kidnapping) used droids. Radio-controlled, 2-channel unit operates from up to 20 ft. away– moves crawler in almost any direction. Roof hatch opens, and side panels become a step ramp. Scaled for figures [12] to [16] sold on opposite page. Figures shown not included. Plastic. 16 1/2×5 1/4×8 in . high. Uses two “D” and two 9-volt batteries. For ages 5 and up.



crawler-box2 crawler-box3 crawler-box4



Kenner Imperial Troop Transporter

KennerĀ Imperial Troop Transport

carries up to nine of figures [1] – [5]–not included, sold above. Button activates six electronic sounds, including engine, laser battle, Storm Trooper and C-3PO voices. R2-D2 beeps. Laser gun dome and radar dish rotate. Front and rear hatches open. On the sides are six cell units to hold prisoners–2 immobilization hoods fit over their heads to “brainwash” them. Plastic. 5x5x13 in. long. Uses one “C” battery–not included, sold on page 502. Figures shown not included. For ages 4 and up.

Both boxed versions below with Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back logos

This toy came with a story of this vehicle since it was not in the movies. Images below

boxfront trans-box2 trans-box3 trans-box4itt-variation






Kenner Droid Factory Playset

Kenner Droid Factory playset

Help the Jawas build R2-D2 and hundreds of other droids! 33 interchangeable droid parts build up to 5 robots at one time, including an R2-D2 with 3 legs or a 4-wheeled robot that rolls. Movable crane snaps onto platform and carries parts from “supply” to the “assembly line”; specially designed ramp allows the Jawa action figures to “roll out the droids”! Figures not included. Ages 5 and up.

Popular playset with 31 droid parts to build multiple droids to play with. Released briefly in The Empire Strikes Back logo box.



droid-box1 droid-box2 droid-box3 droid-box4 droid-box-e1 droid-box-e2 droid-box-e3 droid-box-e4 droid-box-e5 droid-partslist

Kenner Darth Vader TIE Fighter

Kenner Darth Vader TIE fighter


Dramatic replica of the spaceship used by the Empire’s invincible lord, DARTH VADER. The DARTH VADER TIE FIGHTER comes in evil grey color. The distinctive Solar Panels pop off at the push of a button to simulate “Battle Damage.” A lever raises the cockpit seat. Cockpit can accomodate DARTH VADER or most of theSTAR WARS Action Figures. For added play excitement, a dramatic red “laser” cannon lights up and emits a “whining” laser sound when rear deck button is pushed. Two “AA” batteries and Action Figures not included. Ages 4 and up.

Loose image with action figures, original release box with all 4 side panels and re-issue box with “Collector Series” marked on box.


dvtie-catalog dvtie-front dvtie-side1 dvtie-side2 dvtie-side3dvtie-cs



Kenner TIE fighter

Kenner TIE fighter


Authentically detailed TIE FIGHTER has a large “Solar Panel” on either side of a spherical cockpit. Special buttons release panels to simulate “Battle Damage” action. Hand-operated lever raises seat and escape hatch to allow child to seat most of the STAR WARSaction figures. For added play excitement, a dramatic red laser cannon lights up and emits a “whining” laser sound when rear deck button is pushed. Two “AA” batteries and action figure not included. Ages 5 and up.

Star Wars boxed version with all sides.

The Empire Strikes Back boxed version


tie-catalog tie-front tie-side1 tie-side2 tie-side3 tie-side4